Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lisa Gretzky - MPP for Windsor West (September 23, 2014)

Father, we thank you for MPP Lisa Gretzky.  We ask that you would continue to lead and guide them.  May you ensure that despite the busy schedule they endure that there would always be an awareness of the calling that you have placed on them.  May there be a sense in the family that the strong family that they are gives leadership to the province and nation to be the same.  In Jesus Name we pray.   Amen.


Lisa Gretzky is the Provincial MPP for Windsor West, and serves as the NDP critic for Community Safety and Correctional Services.
Prior to her election in 2014, she served as:
  • The vice-chair of the Greater Essex Country District School Board.
  • A trustee who served over 36,000 students and helped manage a $290 million dollar budget.
  • An entrepreneur who ran her own event planning business
  • A committed community leader who championed (and still does!) many causes and charity organizations throughout Windsor