Monday, September 19, 2016

MPP: Chris Ballard - Newmarket-Aurora

Dear Lord, I come to You today on behalf of Chris Ballard. We know that he holds vital roles in the Provincial political scene, and I ask that today you would give him special favor in those roles. I ask that you would give him special ability in particular in dealing with the Poverty Reduction Strategy, and that he would be able to not only strategize, but also resource and empathize with those of our communities who are less fortunate. I pray for a special blessing on him today, that he would recognize an overwhelming sense of Presence of God in his life. Amen.

Chris began his journalism career as a reporter with the Newmarket Era and Aurora Banner and The Orillia Packet and Times, and went on to write for daily media, including Canadian Press and The Toronto Star.
He then moved on to work in Communications with the Scarborough Board of Education.
Chris took his skills and abilities and put them to work for Consumers with both the Consumers' Association of Canada and the Consumers Council of Canada where he was a strong advocate for consumer issues in this country.

Chris has had the opportunity to mentor young people as a professor at Centennial College, and working on behalf of seniors with the Ontario Long Term Care Association.

As a volunteer, Chris stood with teachers during the turbulent times in the 1990s, where he worked to build ties among parents, teachers and school administrators by helping to establish a very successful Parents Council at his children's public school.

As an elected Councillor for Aurora, Chris has championed issues such as revitalizing the downtown core, transparency in decision-making, fiscal responsibility, the environment and the importance of local cultural development.

Chris has co-owned and run a business for the past 25 years.

Chris Ballard was born and raised in King City. He and his wife Audrey have raised their three children in Aurora.

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