Monday, February 27, 2017

MPP: Sophie Kiwali - Kingston and the Islands

Lord, as we think about the needs of our province today, we bring Sophie Kiwala, MPP for Kingston and the Islands, to you. We thank you for her passion for Ontarians who struggle at the fringes of our society. May the help she offers be an extension of the help you offer to all. It’s impossible for any human to meet the needs of all people. May Ms. Kiwala look to you for the grace, kindness and patience that she needs to fulfil her duties. May she and all members of our legislature remember the words of Peter the apostle: “We must obey God rather than man.” This is the secret to true service. Amen.

Sophie Kiwali was elected MPP for Kingston and the Islands in June  2014 and subsequently appointed Parliamentary Assistant to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

Sophie is a tireless and compassionate community champion with strong experience in the public and private sectors.

Sophie has a long and positive history in public and stakeholder relations, having worked in federal politics for 7 years as the Hon. Peter Milliken’s Office Manager and later as his successor, Ted Hsu’s Chief of Staff. It was through these responsibilities that she developed a thorough and in-depth understanding of national, provincial and community issues, and familiarised herself with government protocol, procedures and processes.

Prior to her political career, Sophie spent seventeen years working in retail management and as an entrepreneur.  She spent five years living in Turkey and France studying English literature and French at Athabasca University part-time.  She volunteered for an ex-patriot women’s group to raise funds in Turkey to help build their first women’s shelter.  Upon returning to Canada from Europe, she started working in residential and commercial renovation, interior design, and rental property ownership.  During this time she went back to Queens University, studied political science and was offered the position at Peter Milliken's office.

Sophie has seen firsthand where government policies work, and understands how to get them right. She is well known in Kingston, has deep roots in community volunteering and has many connections across all socio-economic and political divides.  Her fiercely loyal and determined sense of justice, her integrity, warmth, sincerity and drive make her an ideal public servant.

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