Wednesday, May 24, 2017

MPP - Bob Delany - Mississauga Streetsville

Bob Delaney is a frequent visitors to community events and seniors' homes. He often brought his furry and friendly cat Obi-Wan (1999-2015) to community events.Dear Lord. Today we bring Bob Delaney before you and seek your blessing in his life and profession. In his role as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy, help him on all fronts to be constantly choosing the high road and giving good leadership to our province. Let his example inspire other MPP's , not only in the way that they perform their professional duties, but also how they live out their personal lives. Amen.

Bob Delaney has served as the Member of Provincial Parliament serving the western Mississauga neighbourhoods of Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville for 13 years. He was re-elected for his fourth term on June 12, 2014. Bob previously won the elections of 2011, 2007 and 2003. Bob lives in the Churchill Meadows neighbourhood of Mississauga. He has been a resident of Mississauga for 32 years.

At the Legislature, Bob serves as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy. Bob has previously been Ontario’s Chief Government Whip; and also a Parliamentary Assistant to the Ministers of Education; Revenue; Tourism; Research and Innovation and the Ontario Seniors Secretariat. Bob has served on, or chaired, five of the government’s standing committees: Finance and Economic Affairs; Justice Policy; Regulations and Private Bills; Estimates; and the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly.Bob was born and raised in Montreal, and has also lived and worked in Metro Toronto and in Vancouver. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in physics from Concordia University in Montreal. He earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. He has also received his accreditation from the Canadian Public Relations Society.
In the private sector prior to his election, Bob worked in corporate communications, consulting and marketing roles. Bob became an accomplished web developer in the 1990s, and keeps his hand in the art of .Net coding with this web site. He is a co-author, with friend Sanjiv Purba of Mississauga, of the bookHigh Value IT Consulting, published by Osborne McGraw Hill in March, 2003. As a consultant, he wrote and delivered the Professional Account Developmentprogram, aimed at teaching managerial, professional and technical people the skills needed for business development in knowledge-based businesses.

Bob Delaney has long taken a close personal interest in working with communities of new Canadians. He served on the Board of the Peel Multicultural Council in the 1990s, and as a volunteer with the Inter-Cultural Neighbourhood Social Services in Mississauga.Bob taught evening courses in Business StatisticsInternet Marketing and Planning and Budgeting in the School of Business Studies in the Faculty of Continuing Education at Ryerson University in Toronto. He continues his personal interest in education, especially science and math education, as an MPP, with his visits to local elementary and high schools.
In his spare time, Bob is an accomplished photographer and writer. Bob still plays hockey, and is a lifelong goaltender. This current hockey season is Bob’s 56th year playing hockey. Bob plays for the Ontario Legislature’s team, the Ontario Legiskaters, and frequently accepts invitations to play hockey with local teams and other groups.

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