Tuesday, May 30, 2017

MPP - Daiene Vernile - Kitchener

Daiene VernileFather in heaven today to pray for Daiene Vernile  in the  riding Kitchener Centre. She has chosen and was selected to serve bring all her gifts and talents to care for people in Kitchener. Father strengthen her, renew and refresh her and she endeavours to make a difference in people's lives where she serves.  We pray for continued health for her, her staff and family. We pray and ask You Lord to bless your daughter today - with everything she needs, in all her busyiness give her wisdom from heaven, ears to hear Your voice and the knowledge of your wonderful love. In  Precious Jesus name we ask these things. Amen.

Daiene Vernile is an award winning Kitchener broadcast journalist who covered your issues for three decades on CTV’s Provincewide.
A compassionate listener and insightful interviewer, Daiene (pronounced Diane) investigated many subjects, including social, cultural, educational, economic, healthcare and other concerns.  Now she’s committing herself to directly helping you and advancing local matters at the front line of public service.
For thirty years, Daiene has been an active volunteer and community supporter.  She is a strong advocate on women’s issues, passionate champion for social justice, and hands-on volunteer for poverty reduction – including ten years at the St. John’s Kitchen helping prepare meals.    
Daiene is among Wilfrid Laurier University’s “100 Alumni of Achievement” who inspire lives of leadership and purpose.  She began her career as a Queens Park legislature reporter, expanded her  journalism skills in Texas, and returned home to Ontario, spearheading one of Canada’s longest running public affairs programs.   
With husband John, she spent three decades in Kitchener and welcomed firstborn Andrew while refurbishing a century old home in the downtown.  The household grew to include Curtis and Claire in the Forest Hill neighbourhood.  Today, with the family grown, Daiene is re-dedicating her energy to helping people across the community through this form of public service. 

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