Friday, August 11, 2017

MPP Hon Kathryn McGarry, Cambridge

Lord thank you for Kathryn and bless her to receive the honour and respect due to her office from her constituents and colleagues. May she be protected from all harm and may she experience peace and Your loving arms around her and her family. May she have exceptional health and strength to fulfill her calling. We ask that she will be given special wisdom for the season ahead, and strength determination and grace for challenging times she may encounter. May God bless every endeavor she undertakes with success. Amen

With over 30 years of experience as a Nurse and Care Coordinator,  Kathryn McGarry is an effective and passionate advocate for high-quality health care in Cambridge. Kathryn has been active in cultural heritage, crime prevention, municipal planning, the environment, and social services initiatives. She has lived in Cambridge and North Dumfries since 1988 with her husband, and four children.
Kathryn understands the importance of ensuring that local businesses have the right conditions to succeed and grow the economy in a way that creates jobs and benefits everyone.  Her husband leads Research and Development for a local software venture.
Concern over previous governments’ deep cuts to health care and education motivated her to get involved.  Kathryn supports strengthening our hospitals and schools, investing in home and community care, making pensions more secure, and helping grow the economy to ensure that we have the best, now and in the future.
Kathryn is active in our community:
  • Founding Member of the Hospice Waterloo Region
  • Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council
  • Community Leaders Task Force on Municipal Restructuring
  • Past-President of the Heritage Cambridge Board of Directors
  • Chair of the Heritage Master Plan Steering Committee
  • Grand River Valley Coalition

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