Thursday, June 29, 2017

MPP Jennifer French - Oshawa

Lord, we thank you for Jennifer's passion for her community and for the people around her.  We are especially thankful for her commitment to justice and equity and we ask that her passion for these things would increase!  Bless her life today.  Grant her good health, renewed strength and success in every way.  Amen.

Jennifer French is the MPP representing Oshawa, elected in 2014.
She was a dedicated educator, with over ten years’ experience teaching in Ontario and abroad.
As a committed advocate for workers’ rights, Jennifer is member of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) in Durham, the Ontario Federation of Labour, and the Durham Region Labour Council. Jennifer is a leader who delivers. In her role with her ETFO local team, she organized the far-reaching campaign against Bill 115 and coordinated with groups across the province to have the legislation repealed.

Jennifer actively gives back to her community as a member of the ‘We Are Oshawa’ community group, and is invested in community theatre and the arts. Through these initiatives, Jennifer makes a difference in community issues, including wage issues, fairness concerns, and protecting the Oshawa waterfront.

After travelling extensively, Jennifer has made Oshawa her home for the past eight years.

Jennifer works hard to ensure that people have fair access to jobs, a decently and fairly funded education, and a voice in their community. Students deserve bright futures and families deserve stability. Jennifer is a passionate advocate for social justice and equity issues.

Jennifer is a strong voice for the people of Oshawa and is committed to bringing meaningful change to her community.

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