Thursday, June 22, 2017

MPP - Victor Fedeli - Nipissing

Dear Lord. We pray today for Victor Fideli. We ask that he would guide him during his time in Opposition as an MPP and that he would find his work deeply rewarding and meaningful. We ask that he would also experience the internal peace that comes from knowing that he is helping people. May his family and his friends be a large part of the quality of character that he brings to his work. Amen.

Victor Anthony Fedeli was born in North Bay on August 8, 1956. He is married to Patty (Kelly), another North Bay native. 

Vic has a long and distinguished record of public service. In 2003, as a first-time candidate, Vic ran for Mayor and was elected with a 75% majority. He was re-elected in 2006, with a 2nd landslide victory.

During his 7 years as Mayor of the City of North Bay, Vic worked for $1 per year, as he donated his entire salary to charities. Over $350,000 in Mayoral salary was donated.

P.S. Vic is always seen in one of his trademark yellow ties!

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