Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Prayer For Every Candidate

Wendy Hagar from 'Sew on Fire' Ministries wrote this prayer! 

Father in Heaven, what a privilege it is to come before your throne.
You said, to cast all our cares upon You, and to lay all our burdens down at your feet. You said that we should be sober, be vigilant, because the adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.
You said we should resist him, be steadfast in the faith.
Lord You are able, You are mighty, You are faithful, You never sleep, and You never tire of our prayers. Because you care.
Lord, we pray, we are troubled and worried about the future of our wonderful province. Father in Heaven, we pray for this election, today, we pray for each and every courageous candidate that has come forward, placed their name in the running, pledged their lives to serve, and often they and their family come under public scrutiny and personal attacks. We pray protection over each family. We pray that the leaders elected will defend our freedom, they will walk honourably, they will take brave stands for righteousness. Lord, let wisdom enter their heart, if they lack wisdom, Lord we pray, they would acknowledge You, and You will direct their path. Lord we pray You would cause them to be men and women of integrity. Lord we pray You would make their hearts and ears attentive to godly counsel. Lord we pray that the upright will dwell in our government in Ontario, today.

From the beginning of time You chose to use us, use our hands, our feet, our mouths and our prayers, so today oh Lord, we pray that truth will prevail. Pour your Spirit upon the citizens of Ontario that they will know, their vote will make a difference. We pray for discernment between truth and falsehood that it would be clear. Ontario citizens would use their power, the Vote, and take this responsibility to be involved and active in this process of our democracy. Self interest will be set aside for the common good of all.

Father in heaven You are the Alpha and Omega you know the beginning from the end. We pray your Will be accomplished today. So we choose to trust in You, we will rest in your love, and pray your Kingdom come.
In Jesus name, amen

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