Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pastor Ralph is Praying For A Strong Turnout at the Polls tomorrow!

Pastor Ralph Juthman from Havelock writes that 'he has never been as engaged spiritually during an election campaign than he is with this one.'  I think it's safe to say that Pastor Ralph has caught the election prayer bug!  We know that God directs the hearts of kings in the same way that He directs the course of a river and we know that He does those things when we pray.  Let's pray with Pastor Ralph today!

Almighty God in Heaven, you are from everlasting to everlasting. Your mercies are new every day. Today we look to you for wisdom, understanding, and grace. We love and worship You for your faithfulness and blessing. As we are on the eve of Ontario's election, I am praying against the spirit of apathy that causes people to stay home out of indifference. I pray You would set a fire under the feet of your people to go make a difference simply by casting a ballot. I pray that as You move by your Spirit, that You would now begin to strategically place Your people in positions of influence where they will stand as prophetic voices declaring hope, victory and life for our leaders. You are calling us to WAIT. As we do, we look to you and worship You for your power , glory, grace and mercy. we anticipate Your hand to move sovereignly in this election and throughout the next four years. We will continue to intercede for the leaders you will give us and we will trust You for Your will to be done in Ontario as it is in Heaven. we declare this now in the matchless name of Jesus Your Son, AMEN!

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