Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Praying For A Prosperous Destiny!

Dear Lord in Heaven as we sit on the cusp of another election, our hearts are filled with thanks. Thank you for a peace filled election process. Thank you that freedom, respect and peace has characterized the campaign. Thank-you for protection and strength you have granted the candidates. Now Lord as we look to Election Day our hearts are filled with a mixture of anticipation and wonder. While pundits try to predict the outcome of this election, at the end of the day Your hand has superintended this whole process. For this we thank you.
Now Lord as we commit the results to you, we covenant now to intercede for this province, it's leaders and legislators. We commit to the destiny you have determined for this province. A destiny of peace. A destiny of prosperity. A destiny where Your blessing will be poured out upon your people. As our leaders will attempt to face the challenge of debt, employment, education and healthcare you will give them the wisdom needed to face those challenges. We pray that as they do, that you would raise prophetic voices to stand and give to our leaders words of wisdom and knowledge, when human reasoning proves impotent. May the next four years prove to be the most dynamic, prosperous, and peaceful led, as we continue to pray, trust and believe your word. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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