Saturday, June 7, 2014

Prayer Points For Pastors

Pastors, this is the last Sunday before the election.  Many of you will be leading your congregations in prayer for the election.  Here are some Prayer Points for pastors to use as they lead their congregations in intercession for the Province of Ontario and our election on Thursday June 12th.
This prayer time will be most significant for your church if you provide a brief preamble on the the privilege of living in a democracy that provides us with many freedoms, including the freedom to choose who will represent us politically for the next 4 years. It doesn't have to be long, but it will have a significant impact if you take the time to do it.
A free nation and a free province
The privilege of choosing our leaders
Every candidate that has been willing to run
(personal sacrifice, hard work, concern for community, etc)
Every campaign worker and volunteer.
Wisdom as we cast our ballot
Sensitivity to hear God speak before we do
God's blessing on every successful candidate on Election Day.
God's blessing on the leader who will serve as Premier. May God grant him/her great grace, wisdom and courage.

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