Monday, June 9, 2014

Help Us To See God's Choice

Today we are asking God to clearly show us WHO He has chosen to lead Ontario for the next 4 years.  We are asking for a shift in momentum, an increase in wisdom and an obvious demonstration that God is making His will known.  Ontario NEEDS the leader of God's choosing.  When we choose what God what God has already chosen, we align ourselves with His purposes and plans and what could be better than that?  

Pastor Garry Fess from London Ontario writes today's prayer.

Our God in heaven, we have been praying that You would use this election to accomplish Your great purposes for our province. You have a purpose and a plan for Ontario and our desire is that our provincial government and leaders would be in step with what You have prepared for us.
As candidate campaign teams are working hard to firm up support and volunteer teams, we pray today that Your favor would rest upon those whom You have prepared to serve our province. We ask that in each riding, support would shift to them and that their support would be firm. Send the necessary volunteers needed for the balance of the campaign so that work still be done would be easily accomplished.

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