Friday, June 13, 2014

A Prayer For Ontario's Government

After every election there are winners and there are losers.  There are those who preferred that the outcome that it would be different than it is.  As people who pray we remind ourselves of two things on the day after an election.  The first is that God raises kings up and He lowers them down according to His purposes.  The second is that we have a mandate to pray for those who govern over us.  We must never lose sight of this important responsibity and ensure that we give ourselves to it.  Let's begin by praying this prayer together today.

God in Heaven, we believe that You have chosen every MPP who was elected tonight.  You raise kings and leaders up and you lower them down according to Your purposes.  We ask that you would grant your wisdom, grace, insight and courage to every MPP who will soon be taking their seat at Queens Park.  You have designed them to lead this province during this crucial time.  We pray for Premier Wynn.  We ask that you would be gracious to her and that she would lead Ontario with distinction through this upcoming term.  Give her compassion for the poor and the oppressed, a heart for the weak and disenfranchised, boldness as she develops a plan and strategy for the future and great grace as she carries on in this important role.

We pray for those who will serve in Opposition.  Help them to be effective so that we might have good government and that our province will experience Your blessing and hand of favor upon it.

Help us as your people to be faithful to pray for those who have authority over us and to stand in the gap on their behalf so that we may lead peaceful and quiet lives and so that our province may be blessed.

In Jesus' Name,


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